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Eating nutrients food plays an important role to get a good sleep.

One of the reasons for having an unhealthy sleep is stress. Stress causes a pumping out of toxic substances in the bloodstream which will make you tired and angry. Stress also causes the elimination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the body. It slows down the metabolism and leas to weight gain.
However, we can control our reaction to stress by improving our lifestyle. The simple way to manage the stress is to avoid eating junk food when we get stressed.
To have a good sleep avoid eat 2 hours before going to bed. In particular, avoid eating fish at dinner.

Stress stimulants foods:

Some foods and drinks react with our body as powerful stimulants and hence they are a direct cause of stress. Simply reducing or avoiding this food will help in reducing stress and get good sleep.

This is found in coffee, tea, cola, chocolate etc. Consuming too much of caffeine has the same effect as long-term stress.

Most people drink alcohol as a remedy to deal with stress. In fact, Alcohol and stress is a very bad combination and this will result in problems such as nervous tension, irritability and insomnia.

Avoid sugar consumption at night. Sugar has no essential vitamins or nutrients. However, it provides a short-term energy boost through the body, resulting in exhaustion of the adrenal glands. This can result in depression and poor concentration.

Salty foods:
Avoid processed food high in salt. Salt increases the blood pressure and causes emotional instability.

Additives, Preservatives and chemicals are not good for our body. Our body depletes the valuable nutrients and energy in dealing with this preservatives & chemicals.

Foods that are good to get a perfect sleep:

Almonds are rich in magnesium and protein. Almonds promote a quality sleep. Magnesium enhancing both sleep duration and efficiency, allowing you to get a perfect sleep.

Avocados are an excellent source of potassium. Magnesium alone with potassium works perfectly to get a nice sleep.

Green Leafy Vegetables:
Nutritional values in green leafy vegetables are immense. Green Leaf Superfood such as kale is loaded with minerals that promote sleep. It’s an excellent source of magnesium.